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City / Area: Redmond, Washington
Lew and his entire staff are a blessing! I cannot express enough how much they are all appreciated. With the tragic loss of our son, we would have been totally lost trying to understand the legal process we were thrown into. Lew and his staff have been there for, and with, us and our family every step. Never too busy to answer questions, and offer such tremendous support. We will forever be grateful for this wonderful service that Lew and his organization offer to families. Steve & Arlene B.
City / Area: Pittsburgh
Lew, and his organization, offered and gave us support in all aspects, from the loss of our loved one, thru the legal proceedings, and continuing still this day, years later. We feel a personal friendship and bond with Lew and are forever thankful to him and his support team.
City / Area: King County
This has been a great overall experience. The Staff is very friendly and were there for me when I needed it the most. Thank you for providing this wonderful service.