Co-victims share their painful stories and find hope through Violent Crime Victim Services.


Linda discusses the benefit of a support group and being understood by others who share her tragedy.


Jennifer discusses what support groups mean to her.


Juli fully explains what a co-victim can expect from a victim advocate and what donations fund within the organization.

Alberta's Story

Alberta-Husband Carl Murdered

Carl was a retired Washington State Patrol Trooper. Alberta attended Violent Crime Victim Services monthly peer support group for several years while at the same time she became a member of C.O.P.S. (Concerns of Police Survivors). Today her cause is to reach out and support law enforcement families.

Conversations with
Co-Victims of Homicide

Various Stories from Co-Victims

Informational Videos

VCVS is able to help in the following ways, thanks to the generous support of our donors:

Support Group

Learn how co-victims have benefited from the VCVS support group.

Emotional Support

Gain a greater understanding of what co-victims experience, and how your donations can help.